Hammond Organ & Guitar-Fueled Funk Quartet

Carolinas-based CITIZEN MOJO brings a wealth of music-making experience to the region with its seasoned players and their propensity to bring the funk to most everything they do. The band is anchored by the super-solid rhythm section of Tim Clement on bass and Scott Stinson on drums.  Brad Curtioff's keys work on Hammond organ and piano are the "drivin' wheel" that guides the proceedings, while Stephen  Blanton's guitar work is the gas pedal acceleration. Fusing southern-informed funk with blues, soul, and jazz, the band has worked at developing a following which appreciates a no-nonsense show that emphasizes the music and the celebration of it. Now in its ninth year, there's a level of unspoken communication between the band members while onstage that makes for some fulfilling occasions for both musician and audience alike. High energy grooves and on-point musicianship. Perfectly suited for club, festival, or private affair.


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